Cutting Fluid(Cutting Coolant)

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Cutting Fluid(Cutting Coolant)
 High Efficiency Cutting Fluid

    This product is derived from Germany's formula, with a history of more than ten years, high efficiency and environment friendly. It is widely used in cutting and grinding process for the hard-brittle material, which have very good rust dandruff function also cooling and lubrication for machine.


    Ingredient: It is a kind of water-soluble chemical synthetic lubricating coolant which is high-tech synthesis by a variety of surfactant lubricant rust inhibitors and other additives.


   Features: It is convenient to use, with strong cutting force and other significant characteristics of good lubricity, especially with diamond grinding good self-sharpening sharp grinding can be maintained, make the production more efficient, and does not damage the skin, nontoxic environmental, protection free from contamination, no corrosion to machine tool. It is a new generation of ideal optical glass ceramic agate sapphire, silicon magnetic materials cutting coarse grinding of hard brittle materials such as fine grinding machining quality and efficient and environmentally friendly lubricating coolant.


    Application: Used for the cutting of sapphire wafers, silicon and polysilicon. The grinding of optical lens, prism lens and plane mirror.


    Usage: According to the water 1:20 scale stir well to. Due to the different processing conditions, if any loss or losses in use process should be in proportion to complement the cooling liquid aqueous solutions, to ensure its processing effect.


    Appearance: Tan transparent or colorless transparent liquid. PH:8.0-9.2, defoaming ability: ≤2ml, proportion (water=1): 1.20-1.15, surface tention:≤30dyn/cm.


    Expiration date: 2yrs


    Packing: 25kg, 200kg

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