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Established in March 2014 and located in No.66#, Zhiyuan Road, Economic Dev. Zone, Jurong ,Zhenjiang City, is the wholly-owned subsidiaries of Nanjing Sanchao Advanced Materials Co., Ltd., with the registered capital of RMB240 million and floor area of 73,300, which including workshop, warehouse, office and living facilities etc., total building area is 73,800 . Up to now, there are more than 450 employs, of which about 20% of the total numbers are college degree or above.  The company specializes in the R&D, design and manufacture of the diamond and CBN tools, and the main products are ultra-fine and precision silicon slicing diamond wire.




Established in June 2016 and located in the Yokohama Japan, Moved to Mihara, Japan in February 2020, is the wholly-owned subsidiaries of Nanjing Sanchao Advanced Materials Co., Ltd, with the total investment of JPY 2 hundred billion. The company is specializes in the design and R&D of super hard materials, and as well as provide professional technical service and support to parent company.

ADD: 10-15,1-Chome, Shimokitakata, Mihara-City, Hiroshima, Japan

TEL: 0848-86-4880


FAX: 0848-86-4916

〒: 729-0414

E-mail: [email protected]


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